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Fruit Cutting


Fruit Cutting
It's very decompressing, so let's cut it if you feel uncomfortable~
Heavy learning task? Stress from work? Life is boring, empty and lonely?
Come and decompress it together~Chop these watermelons, coconuts, and apples~
The most uncompressed fruit cutting game in history! One cut, the juice splashes everywhere.
One cut, the fruit is colorful and fun. One cut, a cup of delicious freshly squeezed juice!
This is a fruit feast that belongs only to you, enjoy the carnival!

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    ●There are many kinds of fruits, each with unique visual effects.

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    ●Knives have different shapes, each one has its special power.

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    ●Minimalist interface. We are different from those other apps!

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    ●Smooth experience. Perfect gaming experience.

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