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Eliminate the stars at your fingertips


Eliminate the stars at your fingertips
In order to eliminate the game, add a variety of new gameplay, bring a wonderful new game experience!
Classic operation, innovative gameplay, easy to get started but endless fun! Easily eliminate the full screen!
The operation is simple to get started in one second!
Swipe your finger to make three or more of the same stars connected horizontally and vertically to eliminate, and complete the elimination goal of each level to pass the level!

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    *Refreshing and smooth feel, high-quality games, suitable for all ages.

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    *One-click erasing the full screen feels refreshing, the smooth cool experience can't stop at all!

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    *Gorgeous special effects combined with interesting sound effects to eliminate major upgrades.

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    *Open the game mode anytime, anywhere, loved by players, happy and fun!

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