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Sichuang Majiang (Till Last Drop of Blood)


Sichuang Majiang (Till Last Drop of Blood)
Classic Sichuang Majiang newly released! Come and take a look!
Cute panda builds new style. 3D chessboard shows Hi-tech definition, which lets you enjoy MJ till the end! New version brings huge benefits. Prizes every day, come and challenge it!
Kick-off, define dropping and change three. Keep fighting no matter if it’s raining or snowing. Those who win at the beginning doesn’t mean they can benefit the most. Players who fire a gun can turn over to be a tyrant.
To win or lose is too early to know. Being competitive and interesting makes SC MJ’s unshakable position!

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    One Button to Kick off: No registration, one button to the game. Login with golden icons. 3 seconds to kick off!

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    Localized Way of Playing: Classic & Localized, kick-off with drop-defining, win to the end. Original and exciting.

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    Like Real Scene: 3D chessboard, real and stereoscopic, makes you feel like you are play real MJ. That’s what you want!

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    Data-Saving: no big consuming your data, a lot of prizes, play it anytime anywhere!

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