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Fight the Landlord Everyday (Real Players Version)


Fight the Landlord Everyday (Real Players Version)
Festival version for your enjoyment, with many prizes ready for you!
Top level event, online landlord fights. Guaranteed to win gifts. Don’t miss it!
Win extravagant gifts by joining matches! Win surprises from hot events! Zero threshold to attend the matches. Fight to the top and win big prizes.

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    【Fun Playing 】 Happy way of playing is recreational. Roguish way of playing is exciting. Four players way of playing is refreshing.

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    【Matches】 Free to attend the matches and compare notes to win prizes. Distinguish yourself through matches and win fame and wealth!

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    【Hot Activities】 Colorful activities and blockbuster prizes. Win prizes with easy luck! Come and win them!

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    【Hot Competition】 Quick to be assigned to a table, kick-off right away. Aircrafts and explosions with motion effects. You’ll feel like you’re in a hot fighting environment.

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