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ZEN-GAME online operation game has been fully connected to the ‘online game anti-addiction real-name authentication system’

2021-09-02 18:39:51 Zengame Technology Holding Limited Read

Recently, the National Press and Publication Administration issued ‘about further strict management to prevent minors addicted to online games notice’ (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"), for minors overuse or even addicted to online games, further strict management measures, resolutely prevent minors addicted to online games, to protect the physical and mental health of minors.On the notice of the National Press and Publication Administration on Further Strict Management and Preventing Minors from addicted to Internet Games, Zengame Technology expressed firm support and will fully implement the relevant requirements of the Notice as soon as possible. The specific measures are as follows:


1.Provide 1 hour online game service to minors only on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, 20:00-21:00 daily, and statutory holidays, not at any other time or in any form.


2.Strictly implement the real-name registration and login of user account, and access to the online game anti-addiction real-name verification system of the State Press and Publication Administration. All users must use real and effective identity information to conduct game account registration and log in the games, and do not provide game services to users who do not register or log in in any form.


For a long time, Zengame Technology attaches great importance to the development of minors’ physical and mental health, its online operation game has comprehensive access to the national press and publication administration "network game addiction real-name authentication system", and establish and improve minors, limit minor users game duration, tourist mode game duration, game consumption, constantly strengthen the protection of minors, establish a safe network environment for minors. At the same time, all the games of Zengame Technology have been connected to the anti-addiction real-name authentication system, and the company system can also block sensitive words and block inappropriate words and content to prevent vulgar content such as pornography or violence.


In the future, Zengame Technology will continue to respond to the call of the state, set an example, closely supervise and follow up the update of relevant laws and regulations, standardize the card and board game operation behavior, constantly optimize and improve the game protection mechanism for minors, and continue to promote the healthy and green development of the industry.