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ZEN-GAME Charity Activities-Children's Welfare Institute is full of love

2021-07-05 15:39:17 Zengame Technology Holding Limited Read

Respecting the old, loving the young, helping the weak and helping the disabled are the traditional virtues of our Chinese clan. In order to implement and carry forward the fine Chinese virtues, ZEN-GAME Technology entered the Shenzhen Social Welfare Center in Guanlan District on October 25, 2019 to condolences to the children.

Caring for and paying attention to disadvantaged groups has become a common concern in society. As a member of the main body of society, ZEN-GAME Technology has the obligation to help them, care for them, and send them warmth. Children are the future of the motherland, and we should give them as much love as possible.


The staff of the orphanage warmly received the volunteers from ZEN-GAME and took the volunteers to visit the children's activity room and rest room. During the communication, we learned that most of the orphanages are children aged 0-18. They receive the attention and support of the country and people from all walks of life. The facilities in the hospital are very complete, and there are specially hired teachers for the children. There is a warm and spacious accommodation environment, there are professional medical staff and accompanying staff. Although the children here are very different from normal people, in this environment, the children gradually open up their hearts, know how to interact with people with their heart, maintain innocence, and see hope in their smiles.





Children need to accompany them. They warm their hearts in the autumn breeze in the form of playing with them. Volunteers participated in the children’s physical education classes, played games with the children, blended into the children and felt Their happiness and simplicity. Children are angels in this world, and their smiles are unparalleled and precious.

"Charity is not done because it is meaningful, but because you do it, it makes it meaningful."

In this visit, we learned about the special group of children in the children’s welfare home, walked into the inner world of the children, and helped them as much as we could, so that they could feel the warmth of the big social family. As an enterprise, we not only need to establish a sense of corporate social responsibility and do our best for social welfare, but also hope that through this event, we can call on more people to pay attention to the disadvantaged groups in society.