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CEO of ZEN-GAME: Expand the Whole Platform with Chess & Cards As Our Starting Point

2015-09-14 11:10:25 Zengame Technology Holding Limited Read

In the current mobile phone games industry, chess & cards games commands a vast user base. More and more developers are looking at mobile phone chess & cards games. However, the retention rate of current mobile phone games market is low. Users leave quickly. So it’s a challenge for all developers to R&D a mobile phone game that users really enjoy. Fight the Landlord Everyday(Real Players Version) has added creative ways of playing to the original ways of playing and now have a large user base. Today we are lucky to have Mr. Sheng Ye, CEO of ZEN-GAME, to accept our interview.


Hao76 Journalist: Hi General Ye, Thank you for accepting our Hao76 mobile phone games media’s interview. Ever since ZEN-GAME’s establishment, it’s been very active with users due to its elaborately designed games. Fight the Landlord Everyday(Real Players Version) is very hot, in particular. Could you please introduce this game to us a little bit? 

Mr. Ye: ZEN-GAME has pursued R&D refined games, especially distinctive chess & cards games. Fight the Landlord Everyday(Real Players Version) is one of our main chess & cards games.  There are a lot of ways to play, it’s easy to play and it provides a good user experience. 

Hao76 Journalist: Taking an overview of the games that ZEN-GAME has released in recent years, it’s not difficult to find that the focus of ZEN-GAME is mobile phone games. Most of your games are recreational, especially chess & cards games. So, is this the main focus of your company?

Mr. Ye:Yes. chess & cards are our core. We focus on chess & cards games which has local characteristics and refined recreational single device. 

Hao76 Journalist: There are quite a few chess & cards games released by ZEN-GAME. Compared to them, what’s the difference with Fight the Landlord Everyday(Real Players Version)?

Mr. Ye: Every game of ZEN-GAME has its own characteristics. Fight the Landlord Everyday(Real Players Version) is for everybody, with real players. The player interaction is very good.

Hao76 Journalist: There are a lot of games with real players in the mobile phone game market, including some chess & cards games. Compared to them, what’s the selling point of Fight the Landlord Everyday(Real Players Version)?

Mr. Ye: Compared to other chess & cards games with real players, ZEN-GAME’s Fight the Landlord Everyday(Real Players Version) has more traditional game rules and distinctive music effects. Its tasks system is complete and interesting, with strong interactions between the players. It’s one-button log-in, efficient in data, and has many gifts and prizes. In a word, it’s a real player’s landlord fight game which surpasses its competitors in many ways.


Hao76 Journalist: One successful and sustainable game has high demand for later stage’s update and development. What’s Fight the Landlord Everyday(Real Players Version)’s plan in this respect?

Mr. Ye: All products of ZEN-GAME’s life span can surpass their competitors because ZEN-GAME has a complete upgrade system. Every product has a version update every two weeks on average. Every update has complete upgrade systems. These systems assure that our products meet players demand and market demands all the time. Fight the Landlord Everyday(Real Players Version) is one of our main products. We put in ample resources in update and optimization.  

Hao76 Journalist: For this kind of recreational chess & cards game, it’s mainly for users to kill time. How is Fight the Landlord Everyday(Real Players Version) defined when it comes to user service.

Mr. Ye: The mission of ZEN-GAME is “focus on players’ demands, always look to generate excitement and surprise”. ZEN-GAME’s products are based on light games. Fight the Landlord Everyday(Real Players Version) is the product that lays foundation for recreational chess & cards games. Let users enjoy and relax when playing games is one of the Company’s natural missions. 

Hao76 Journalist: As I know, ZEN-GAME has established partnerships with China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom. What important influence will this partnership bring to your company itself when issuing games?

Mr. Ye: Yes. ZEN-GAME has good relationship with the three main telecommunications operators, which is like adding wings to a tiger. Operators have strong prop-up, which safeguard ZEN-GAME’s game products’ endurance in the market. 

Hao76 Journalist: Many people care about ZEN-GAME’s future development. Could you please reveal some plans of ZEN-GAME 

Mr. Ye: We’ll continue to focus on local chess & cards games R&D and operation. chess & cards games as our penetration point. Therefore, we’ll form our own light games platform. Meanwhile, based on our community system, we encourage users online and offline to interact from all aspects and form a strong cohesive gaming community. Besides mobile phone chess & cards, we’ll enlarge our investment in refined recreational fight games and TV games. When it’s time, we’ll develop overseas markets.

Hao76 Journalist: Thank you for your interview. We hope ZEN-GAME becomes better and better. 

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